Sunday, November 23, 2003

Sorry I haven't been able 2 post anything in a while but the show has been keeping me busy.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Ok another late night Blog.... So from reading the message boards everyone seemed 2 like the show. I can tell u one thing the shows keep getting better.
The episode we are working on now has been a tough one. The flu has been making its way around the cast and crew. Every one is fighting through it.
There seems 2 be some interest in the music of the show and the clothing. The music I will post any names of songs from the show I can get. I will also ask the cast what they listen 2. For the clothing I will interview are on set costumes tomorrow and find out who is wearing what.
Also from the message boards some people wanted 2 know a bit about me. My name is Kristian IM a 25m who works on the show in the sound dept. I was asked 2 do this by the show. So this is real. I wanted 2 do this because the people who are reading this are the people that keep this show going. Without u Tru fans there is no me. Thanks. K

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Hey I still want u all 2 write on the message board but if you have reasonable questions u wanna know about the set u can write me at ktrucalling@yahoo.com. Id love 2 hear from you and maybe I can show the cast and crew what u send me.
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Alright I've been reading the message board and really appreciate the input. I'll try and touch on all your ideas. Ok so the next show is going 2 be Brothers Keeper. This episode has a lot of emotion and energy. Besides being about many things: love, deception, and betrayal. It also displays the special brother- sister bond of Tru and Harrison.
The episode was shot in many places in Vancouver. Including a 5 million dollar yacht, and a beautiful mansion in the suburbs of the city. The people who let us use their house could not of been nicer. One of the most emotionally charged scenes between Tru and Harrison took place on the downtown streets of Vancouver in the late hours of the night. Where it drew many spectators and a lot of Eliza's fans who know her best as "faith" from buffy. The wonderful people of Vancouver were extremely respectful and polite as the actors focused on one of the most crucial scenes of the episode.
I had a chance 2 ask Harrison what he thought of all the websites and the specifically the fans that post and he had this 2 say..........(audio log)

Friday, November 07, 2003

So I know I said I would write before Thursday but we have been way 2 busy on set. Its about 5:30 in the morning and im just getting home from the studio. I'm exhausted so ill try my best 2 keep this interesting. Also I need some input on what you guys wanna see on here. So post on the message board things you might wanna know about the set, the crew and the cast. Today the production set up TV's in one of the stages so the whole cast and crew could watch tonight's episode. For us it feels so long ago because we shot that episode months ago. It was great 2 see the final project. IM going 2 attempt an audio clip tomorrow. IM not sure who ill get 2 say hi so check in tomorrow.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Hey pssst... yeah you....come here ! Only the real Tru Calling fans listen up. I'm K and I'm your ticket inside. If your ready this is the plan. We are going on location and in the studio 2 see the real Tru Calling.
When inside we are going 2 get interviews with the cast as well as the crew. Remember these interviews wont be anywhere else. Some might even contain audio clips. In these clips we will get Eliza and the rest of the cast 2 give a real shout out 2 the fans. I'm not 2 sure but if we can we are going 2 sneak a camera inside and get some candid work shots. Also If we hang out here and on set long enough we might here some juice gossip and rumors about the show and the cast. I work on the show so I get the real inside scoop.
Just remember at the same time I work crazy hours. So don't give up if you don't see something new everyday. I also read the message board 2 see what the people out there are talking about. I'll be on again before Thursday so maybe I can give you some goods on the next episode. Ok now if your ready lets go inside. Remember security is tight so stick with me.


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